Saturday, October 29, 2011

Important Update | READ IT

This is an important update that you should consider reading thoroughly.

First let us start with that we have one good and bad news.

The bad news is that we cannot continue operations like this due to a rapid cash flow decrease. Please understand that this is the nature of this high-risk business and promises are not provided. This is explicitly stated in our Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer. From today we will cease immediately all sign ups
and purchases of Ad Units, being from Payment Processor of Account Balance. Cash outs are still allowed. We will continue paying with different payment terms that will take longer. You will learn more about the new payment terms. We will continue paying 2% on your positions until they reach 150% of its value.

The good news is that the funds used for paying out our members will come from very promising projects we were informed about. Supporting those coming passive earning programs under our referral link will be the solution to getting your payments without any delays. The programs are still not available to the public but you will hear about them from us. We will put up a support page soon for the programs that will be generating revenues for us to pay our members.

That is for now. We apologies for the inconvenience but things like can happen in this arena and it is absolutely inevitable to avoid. We will do the best in our abilities to cover up any substantial losses of our members.

Kind Regards,
Bi-24 Administration

Monday, October 24, 2011

Quick Update | Bi24 online

This is a quick update that is back online running on the old tested
script. We had experienced an error in the previous script. Due to its complexity to
be fixed we resort to using our tested script again.
Please register again for an account under your referrer recruiter if you have
signed up after the 12th of October. Also, CONTACT US with your purchase
details, so we can add it to your account.
Only purchases from external payment processor are accepted.

If you had sent a support ticket with the previous script please re-send it again.
We will answer to you in a very fast manner. Tickets about lost earnings
will not be considered as nothing in reality is lost, only prolonged in time.

You will receive a more detailed update tomorrow.

Regards, Administration

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PTP module integration | Downtime

We would like to inform you that there will be a downtime of several hours due to the integration of the Paid to Promote module and also other additions. The downtime might take up to 6 hours. However, there is a possibility it might take a little longer than that. Please inform your downlines as well.

The downtime will happen at 12:00 PM PST (server time) on 11th of October (today).

Bi- Administration
The Power of 2%

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Short Update | Current Developments

***Current Developments***
The Paid to Promote feature is still being worked on. We will have more information hopefully this weekend. There is a surprise coming up as well that will only bring more Power to and its members. This surprise will be introduced together with the Paid to Promote feature.

Our developer added additional coding to the link rotator platform (LinkEx) which prevents you from getting the annoying error messages we notice sometimes on the welcome screen of your member menu.

You can add or subtract credits from your already running ads. When you subtract credits, they are being added to your Ad Credit balance.
The issue of losing your assigned credits if you delete an already running ad campaign is being worked on and it will be fixed soon. Members who have experienced that will receive their credits back.

That is everything for now. We will keep you all updated with all the developments. We turned 2 months old recently. We are here to show the true Power of 2%.

Regards, Administration
The Power of 2%

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Newsletter | Update

First, welcome to all of our new members who have joined us in the recent weeks. Bi-24 is growing at a steady rate in numbers and so is in sales revenue. We are significantly close to breaking the $70K mark in sales and we are just in our 2nd month of operations. We are still very young and there is plenty of room to grow.

On a personal note, this newsletter is dedicated to the memory of a dear friend – John Stankiewicz (JS). It has been exactly a year since he left us and he is missed dearly. He is the reason I, as an admin, had got involved in the online marketing industry. wouldn’t have been here, if not for him. Thank you, JS. May his soul rest in peace.

Following, we will discuss a new promotion tool, LinkEx and final comments.

**Paid to Promote**
Today, we received positive news from our programmer. He informed us that it is possible to integrate Paid to Promote (PTP) tool into the script.  Members will be able to promote their referral links and for each unique hit to they will be getting paid. Each unique hit will be credited with a ‘PTP Credit’. Those PTP Credits will be exchangeable for cash on a specified rate. Only unique hits coming from approved sites will be counted and credited with a PTP Credit. Members and site owners will be able to submit sites for approval. Once a site is approved, members can start advertising their referral links on it and earn PTP Credits. This tool will be available to FREE and ACTIVE members. will become a true program where even FREE members earn!

An improvement in LinkEx will be coming up soon. We are trying to build up a ‘Preview’ panel of your ads, so you will be able to see your ad before posting it. Also, a step by step guide of how to use LinkEx will be included in this coming improvement.

**End Comments**
Please do not hesitate to contact us through the Chat on the support page if you have any issues or questions. We are almost always online there nowadays. Also, feel free to read the ‘Strategy Plan’ posted on our site which was created by a member of He put a lot of effort into compiling it. I will publish his second work which is examining more income potential possibilities with different amounts.

Remember, this is your program! It has no limits of how much you can make from it. The referral bonus can boost your earnings tremendously. is clear how to maintain. Our rules are simple.

Regards, Administration
The Power of 2%

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Program updates and a small contest runing | Bi-24

We are aware that the time of cycling of earnings is moving with 10 minutes every day and now the cycling time is set at 04:20 PM PST Server Time. This affects only purchases before our DDoS attack on 28th of August. Ad Unit purchases after that event are credited 24 hours after their purchase time.

This glitch concerns only the purchases done before that date. Our programmer is taking some time off at the moment, but he is aware of the issue and will have it fixed as soon as possible.

In meantime, we are giving 5 free matching positions to the member who can come up with an earning strategy that I will like that most. We are looking for your own personal strategy for making the most out of your earnings. The prize is provided on 'Buy one get one free' bases. You can provide your suggestions through a support ticket or post it in our MMG forum thread. The forum thread could be found on the testimonial page. is 980 members at this point. Only 20 members left until we reach the 1000th member who can win up to 10 free matching positions. The free positions will also carry a referral commission value. They will be considered as normal purchases and you can benefit from it as a recruiter.

While waiting on setting up an automatic testimonial page, you can send your testimonies through a support ticket and we will publish it manually. Feel free to send what you think about and what your experience is so far with the program. We will be glad to publish it.

That is it for now. We wish you all a great and prosperous day.

Best Regards,
Bi-24 Administration

Monday, September 12, 2011

1000 Members | Buy one, get one free

Soon we will reach 1000 people in memberships. We have managed to accomplish this thanks to all the promotion efforts of everyone. To celebrate the 1000th member of, we are giving up to 10 free matching positions to his/her account on "Buy one, get one free" bases. This means that if the 1000th member purchases for example 5 positions he/she will receive 5 positions for free and therefore if he/she purchases for example 10, he/she will receive 10 for free.

Thank you for all the hard work in spreading the word about