Saturday, October 8, 2011

Short Update | Current Developments

***Current Developments***
The Paid to Promote feature is still being worked on. We will have more information hopefully this weekend. There is a surprise coming up as well that will only bring more Power to and its members. This surprise will be introduced together with the Paid to Promote feature.

Our developer added additional coding to the link rotator platform (LinkEx) which prevents you from getting the annoying error messages we notice sometimes on the welcome screen of your member menu.

You can add or subtract credits from your already running ads. When you subtract credits, they are being added to your Ad Credit balance.
The issue of losing your assigned credits if you delete an already running ad campaign is being worked on and it will be fixed soon. Members who have experienced that will receive their credits back.

That is everything for now. We will keep you all updated with all the developments. We turned 2 months old recently. We are here to show the true Power of 2%.

Regards, Administration
The Power of 2%

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