Saturday, October 29, 2011

Important Update | READ IT

This is an important update that you should consider reading thoroughly.

First let us start with that we have one good and bad news.

The bad news is that we cannot continue operations like this due to a rapid cash flow decrease. Please understand that this is the nature of this high-risk business and promises are not provided. This is explicitly stated in our Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer. From today we will cease immediately all sign ups
and purchases of Ad Units, being from Payment Processor of Account Balance. Cash outs are still allowed. We will continue paying with different payment terms that will take longer. You will learn more about the new payment terms. We will continue paying 2% on your positions until they reach 150% of its value.

The good news is that the funds used for paying out our members will come from very promising projects we were informed about. Supporting those coming passive earning programs under our referral link will be the solution to getting your payments without any delays. The programs are still not available to the public but you will hear about them from us. We will put up a support page soon for the programs that will be generating revenues for us to pay our members.

That is for now. We apologies for the inconvenience but things like can happen in this arena and it is absolutely inevitable to avoid. We will do the best in our abilities to cover up any substantial losses of our members.

Kind Regards,
Bi-24 Administration


  1. I can not withdraw money from my account, Bi-24.
    I wrote a message to contact support contact but did not receive any response.
    Bi-24 is a scam or not.

  2. I believe we are not going to get paid he made his money

  3. ON 11/4 I submitted a question to the admin as follows..."I submitted a withdraw on 10/28 Why havent I been paid yet." To date I have not received an answer nor my money. Let the buyer beware!!!!!!