Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Newsletter | Update

First, welcome to all of our new members who have joined us in the recent weeks. Bi-24 is growing at a steady rate in numbers and so is in sales revenue. We are significantly close to breaking the $70K mark in sales and we are just in our 2nd month of operations. We are still very young and there is plenty of room to grow.

On a personal note, this newsletter is dedicated to the memory of a dear friend – John Stankiewicz (JS). It has been exactly a year since he left us and he is missed dearly. He is the reason I, as an admin, had got involved in the online marketing industry. wouldn’t have been here, if not for him. Thank you, JS. May his soul rest in peace.

Following, we will discuss a new promotion tool, LinkEx and final comments.

**Paid to Promote**
Today, we received positive news from our programmer. He informed us that it is possible to integrate Paid to Promote (PTP) tool into the script.  Members will be able to promote their referral links and for each unique hit to they will be getting paid. Each unique hit will be credited with a ‘PTP Credit’. Those PTP Credits will be exchangeable for cash on a specified rate. Only unique hits coming from approved sites will be counted and credited with a PTP Credit. Members and site owners will be able to submit sites for approval. Once a site is approved, members can start advertising their referral links on it and earn PTP Credits. This tool will be available to FREE and ACTIVE members. will become a true program where even FREE members earn!

An improvement in LinkEx will be coming up soon. We are trying to build up a ‘Preview’ panel of your ads, so you will be able to see your ad before posting it. Also, a step by step guide of how to use LinkEx will be included in this coming improvement.

**End Comments**
Please do not hesitate to contact us through the Chat on the support page if you have any issues or questions. We are almost always online there nowadays. Also, feel free to read the ‘Strategy Plan’ posted on our site which was created by a member of He put a lot of effort into compiling it. I will publish his second work which is examining more income potential possibilities with different amounts.

Remember, this is your program! It has no limits of how much you can make from it. The referral bonus can boost your earnings tremendously. is clear how to maintain. Our rules are simple.

Regards, Administration
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