Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Program updates and a small contest runing | Bi-24

We are aware that the time of cycling of earnings is moving with 10 minutes every day and now the cycling time is set at 04:20 PM PST Server Time. This affects only purchases before our DDoS attack on 28th of August. Ad Unit purchases after that event are credited 24 hours after their purchase time.

This glitch concerns only the purchases done before that date. Our programmer is taking some time off at the moment, but he is aware of the issue and will have it fixed as soon as possible.

In meantime, we are giving 5 free matching positions to the member who can come up with an earning strategy that I will like that most. We are looking for your own personal strategy for making the most out of your earnings. The prize is provided on 'Buy one get one free' bases. You can provide your suggestions through a support ticket or post it in our MMG forum thread. The forum thread could be found on the testimonial page.

Bi-24.net is 980 members at this point. Only 20 members left until we reach the 1000th member who can win up to 10 free matching positions. The free positions will also carry a referral commission value. They will be considered as normal purchases and you can benefit from it as a recruiter.

While waiting on setting up an automatic testimonial page, you can send your testimonies through a support ticket and we will publish it manually. Feel free to send what you think about Bi-24.net and what your experience is so far with the program. We will be glad to publish it.

That is it for now. We wish you all a great and prosperous day.

Best Regards,
Bi-24 Administration


  1. Can you please add STP (Solid Trust Pay) as a payment processor? Thank you!!

  2. Please contact us through a support ticket. We have an option for STP users.