Thursday, August 18, 2011

Show support for Green Rush Innovations

I would like to kindly ask any facebook users to show support to Green Rush Innovations, a recently opened company, operated by close friend of ours. Simply click the "I Like" button on their facebook page:

Exert from the page:
"GRI is focused towards heading our species into the 21rst century with new goals, ideals, and innovations in an attempt to better our planet, our existence, and our dependence on non-sustainable practices, while financially benefiting the customer. Our vision is synonymous with our company culture, to lead to a new age of sustainable existence through responsible practices, socially aware ambitions, and with a green corporate initiative. We believe the only way to ensure our future is to act in a manner that is future oriented. Sponsoring and aiding in creating a pathway to the future that everyone can utilize and afford."

Your support is appreciated by Green Rush Innovations.

Have a great day,
Bi-24 Administration and Green Rush Innovations LLC

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