Monday, August 8, 2011

Purchasing from Account Balance

This newsletter contains information about the solution to the purchasing from Account Balance error in the Bi-24 script; overview of the new Account Balance purchasing schedule; increase in the AdCredit amounts; lower withdrawal fees and finally some insights about Bi-24.

First I would like to thank you all for the patience you have showed during the last days, while waiting for our solution. The script error was in the processor accounting system which was not registering the account balance purchases under any payment processor type. We needed to have two option for account balances purchase: Alert Pay and Solid Trust Pay. The reason why it took so long is because our programmer is barely online lately. The solution we have came up is based on a simple adjustment and not on modifying our script:

Purchasing from Account Balance solution
Today we removed the double processor accounting system a.k.a “cross-checking”. This way Bi-24 will have only one account balance and only one Payment Processor – Alert Pay. Effective immediately Solid Trust Pay will be removed from our payment options and instead it will be substituted with Alert Pay. This decision is made based on the less volume of purchases made through Solid Trust Pay and because we were forced to choose between having Solid Trust Pay or having Account Balance purchasing. We know that the members of Bi-24 who use ONLY Solid Trust Pay as payment solution agreed under different terms, and we will let them choose what would serve them best. We are giving them two options:

o    Receive a full purchase refund to STP minus the transfer fees
o    Transfer one’s Solid Trust Pay purchases to Alert Pay purchases

I would like to emphasize that these options are only available to people who used ONLY Solid Trust Pay for purchasing.

Members who are using Solid Trust Pay and Alert Pay will receive a "switch" of their Solid Trust Pay purchases to Alert Pay purchases. It will not affect any earnings and you will continue to be earning the same fixed 2% a day. The only difference is in the registry under "Payment Method" in the Purchases history where it will be showing as an Alert Pay instead of a Solid Trust Pay.

In case a member used ONLY Solid Trust Pay and chooses option 1, his or hers referrer’s account will be debited (subtracted) with the appropriate referral commission(s) amount received, when the referral had purchased AdUnits.

To receive the full refund, simply send in a support ticket including your Purchase date, Solid Trust Pay username and Bi-24 username.

Account Balance purchasing schedule
New account balance structure: Purchasing AdUnits from account balance will be allowed 3 times a week: every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. This is effective immediately.

Lower withdrawal fees
Our withdrawal fees has been adjusted to: 2% + $0.10 per withdrawal request.

Increase in the AdCredits
Also effective immediately is the increase of AdCredits given for each AdUnit purchase. Now Bi-24 gives each member 4000 AdCredits per AdUnit. Furthermore, we will be adding additional credits to all members who already purchased credits according to the old structure as a bonus.

Insights about Bi-24
Reasons why Bi-24 is different:

Bi-24 is truly passive!

Bi-24 does not have withdrawal rules, forceful imposition of obligations towards its members to receive their earnings and commissions. When withdrawal rules are applied and referral commission on re-purchases given, a program actually takes off from your Return. Such operations are more attractive to the most promoters, than to the passive earners. Most promoters appreciate earning commission on members’ repurchases or from every withdraw. This virtual monetary system is sustainable to the point when the program gets saturated and the promoters cannot attract New purchases anymore, but only earn commissions on the “virtual” purchases their referrals are creating due to the imposed withdrawal rules. Of course, there is no real cash backing those purchases and in the end it leads to the bankruptcy. In the past almost every program was giving referral commissions to only purchases from payment processors.
We are “old school”. We give 7% flat compensation to Everyone (FREE members including) who promotes Bi-24 and manages to attract New purchases only. This structure allows referral commissions to be given only for real cash coming in the program and NO referral commissions is created on virtual purchases (virtual cash).

Bi-24 is built on Solid Administration and Synergy. Our aim is to constantly strive to create a membership base within which a system of synergistic classical principles of equilibrium-seeking and sustaining is created. I am your Admin and you will find me almost always online in the forums for you. You will notice some playful and at the same time uniting the membership activities in Bi-24 that will be involving the membership.

Take you for your attention.

Best Regards,
Bi-24 Administration

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