Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1 Month of operations | Happy Anniversary

Happy 1 month anniversary! Today we celebrate our first month of operations.

We surely had our challenges. We had script issues, a DDoS attack and some miscellanies glitches, but yet we are still here, gaining more and more power.

In general, this was a month of accomplishments. Our challenges made us stronger and now we stand in a very strong position. We gained more than 800 members and more than $40K in Ad Unit sales. We have the best membership and its support level is tremendous.

We are preparing some nice additions to Bi-24. We will improve the operation of “LinkEx”. We will introduce a new promotion mechanism that will benefit everyone – free and active members. It will be an addition to the referral commission plan and it will be unique in its way. We will publish possible earning strategies, which you can apply to your Bi-24 accounts. There are also more things coming but they will stay unrevealed for the moment.

On a side note, after the DDoS attack we have increased the level of our DDoS protection and also switched to crediting earnings at the same time each day - 03:10 PM PST time (Server time). So, now your earnings will show in your account at around 03:10 PM Server time. We shall switch to normal 24 hours after purchase crediting of earnings in the coming days. You will be informed about it. Also, do not hesitate to report any irregularities with your account due to the DDoS attack.

After this month, I can only say that our future looks great.

We can make Bi-24 last for a very long time. The membership is great! The confidence level is high!

Remember, this is your program! The members are the ones who decide its future.

The 2% a day is a good incentive but you can make much more also with the referral plan. There are no limits basically. Even as a free member you can make money with Bi-24. You can earn as much as you possibly can.

The level of success depends on the dedication of the individual. We are ONE and Bi-24 is Your program.

Best Regards,
Bi-24 Administration

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